Breakout Session 3


The Green Deal for sustainable civil engineering: a key driver for circular transition

Circular public procurement has a strategic role in supporting the transition towards a circular economy, as recognised by the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy (2015). But how are local governments making this happen in reality? This session will take a specific look at how the civil engineering sector has been encouraged to transition to a circular economy by the Netherland's Green Deal approach.

The Dutch case shows how circular innovations can be translated into technical procurement solutions and good contracts. By attending this session, participants will be better equipped to:

  • Understand how sustainable civil engineering supports the translation for circular goals into project ambitions.

  • Have more faith in how involved parties can work together, without hesitation in able to reach successful sustainable results.

The circular and climate goals are clear. But reaching these goals requires more than only expressing the urgency and the ambitions. It requires action from all parties concerned, working together in a real open cooperative way with respect for each other's needs. How do you do that in a world of contracts, directives, conservatism and cost driven projects? In an interactive session experts form parties will explain how you can define general and regional ambitions in your programs and projects in civil engineering, how the green deal approach works in the project process and how the combination of knowledge, expertise and construction are a contribution to climate change.

At the end our speakers will explain how the Green Deal will support the Dutch sector to come from single pilots to circularity as business-as-usual.

Session Description 



Meinke Schouten, Dutch Water Authorities

Niels van Amstel, Dutch Association of Civil Engineering Companies

Madeleine Schenk, Dutch Association of Building & Dredging Companies

Gijs Termeer, Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO), owner of CO2 Performance Ladder