Breakout Session 5


Procurement on the move: Achieving sustainable mobility

The City of Rotterdam has set the ambitious target of achieving the zero emission delivery of goods and services by 2025. The focus of this session is to consider a) is this feasible, and b) how do we achieve it?

Participants will leave this session better equipped to identify pathways for achieving the zero emission delivery of goods and services.

Achieving sustainable mobility is a key strategic goal for most cities: to reduce congestion, improve air quality, and tackle greenhouse gas emissions. But how can procurement contribute to this goal? The impact of procurement on mobility goes beyond the vehicles we or our transport service providers buy directly. Almost all products, works and services we procure involve the movement of goods and/or people in their delivery – from cleaning services, to food deliveries; from construction works to road maintenance.

This session will explore examples from the cities of Copenhagen, Oslo and Rotterdam, looking at the actions each city is undertaking within the BuyZET project ( in pursuit of this goal – followed by a series of roundtable discussions, where participants will examine their own potential pathways to zero emission delivery.

Session Description 



Dr. Nina Nesterova, TNO (Facilitator)

Léon Dijk, Strategic advisor GPP, City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Working with suppliers to achieve zero emission delivery

Casper Marrott, Technical and Environmental Manager, City of Copenhagen, Denmark - Promoting consolidation through procurement

Geir Rossebø, Sustainability Advisor, City of Oslo, Norway - Driving the market for new technologies