Breakout Session 6


The building blocks of sustainability: procuring bio-based materials and other circular solutions for construction

By attending this session, participants will be better equipped to:

Classify the concepts of circularity and bio-based materials within a building materials context

Recognise best practice and effective approaches by exploring real-life cases of bio-based and technical circular procurement in action

Apply methods for both bio-based and technical solutions in their own procurement of buildings and infrastructure

Circular and climate friendly approaches have high potential in transforming the sustainability of buildings - but are you ready to be part of this future? From using sustainable wood for gains on climate and biodiversity, to self cleaning bricks and self-repairing concrete, this session explores how circular innovations can be translated into technical procurement solutions. Participants will identify the links between circular procurement, bio-based solutions and more established technical solutions, and explore how the public procurement of today can contribute to tomorrow's policy and targets for buildings and infrastructure. 

Session Description 


Expert contributions from:

Mark Kemna, Network Manager, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Antoine Giezen, Contract Manager, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands

Patrick Schreven, Director, ECO+BOUW

Thomas Matthias Romm, Architect/Consultant of ÖkoKauf Wien, Austria