Breakout Session 3


The challenge of change: sustainable finance and procurement

This session provides an opportunity to:

Explore the links between sustainable, strategic public procurement and sustainable impact finance and investment

Demonstrate how cities and regions can align their finance and investment schemes toward sustainability objectives

Analyse the challenges towards mainstreaming sustainable impact finance and proposing solutions

Cities and regions have a variety of mechanisms at hand to finance their activities. They range from taxes, fees to investments, grants and public-private-partnerships. But, where do the financial resources come from to implement sustainable public procurement? This is becoming more and more of a strategic question. This session will discuss the links between sustainable impact finance, investment and procurement and what public authorities can do to move to the next level and connect the dots.

Together with key speakers and panellists we ask the question what instruments and tools are needed to make strategic procurement and sustainable impact finance come together. This also includes addressing the risks of a linear economy and adapting the concurring risk assessment models of financiers to the new realities.

Session Description 


Philipp Tepper, Coordinator, ICLEI

Paulo Magina, Head of the Public Procurement Unit, OECD

Dr. Luise Noring, Research Director for the Sustainable Urbanisation Team, Copenhagen Business School

Frido Kraanen, Principal Director Societal Impact, PGGM