Breakout Session 6


Supporting local economies and communities through social procurement

Participants of this session will:

Receive first-hand insights and inspirations from skilled practitioners already doing social procurement

Leave with practical tips for including more social criteria in their procurement activities and supporting local communities and economies within the European procurement framework.

Protecting and supporting local communities is the very core purpose of local authorities, and the public sector in general sets the bar when it comes to providing fair employment practices and decent work. The role of procurement, however, has often been left out of these strategic ambitions, due to a false focus on lowest price at the expense of considering social value.

Many procurers want to play a more direct role in improving their local areas, and as massive purchasers of goods and services, are well placed to support local communities and economies through creating job opportunities, promoting skills provision, preventing social dumping and ensuring wider community benefits.

Session Description 


Facilitator - Peter Defranceschi, Head of Brussels Office, ICLEI

Tim Rudin, Head of GLA Group Responsible Procurement Team, Greater London Authority

Pierre Goffart, Legal Officer, Sustainable Development Department, Region of Walloni, Belgium

Nina Monjean, EU Policy Officer, RREUSE - Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises

David Salomonsen, Head of CSR Department  and Eva Milsted Enoksen, CSR Consultant, City of Copenhagen, Denmark