Conference venue

De Vereeniging concert hall, located in the heart of the city, is home to one of Nijmegen's largest stages. The building dates back to 1915 and every year more than 250 performances and concerts, in addition to dozens of business events and conferences take place in De Vereenigng.


Sustainability of the venue

Renovation and restoration works on the 100+ year old building have been ongoing since 2014 and the project is now in its final stage. In 2014, the entire climate installation of the large hall was replaced with a modern demand-driven rain installation, making it much more economical. In addition, the roof of the large room was completely insulated, new LED lighting was installed, and In 2015, the façade was restored to its former glory, with new insulating glazing. In this, the last phase of the project, the windows will be replaced. In the future it is hoped to be able to connect De Vereeniging to the city's district heating network.


“Our involvement in the organisation of the EcoProcura Conference has inspired us to act more sustainably and to get more involved with sustainable congresses.”
Concertgebouw De Vereeniging



De Vereeniging
Keizer Karelplein 2D,
6511 NC Nijmegen

Phone: +31 24 322 8344



Traveling to the venue

The concert hall is centrally located, with the Nijmegen central train and bus station no more than a five minute walk away.

For those traveling to the venue by bicycle - the nearest bicycle garage is located at Bisschop Hamerstraat.

For those traveling to the venue by car - Nijmegen has 6 car parks in and around the city center. For more information about parking and parking rates in Nijmegen, click here (in Dutch).

The organisers of EcoProcura 2018 are committed to holding a sustainable event and working with green, fair-trade and local/regional suppliers for conference materials and services.

How are we making EcoProcura sustainable?

- We will serve only locally sourced, organic food
- All tea and coffee served will be fairtrade
- All food served will be vegetarian only
- Any leftover food will be brought to a homeless shelter located 200 meters away from the conference venue


Sustainable suppliers

Examples of local suppliers EcoProcura will work with:

Brood op de Plank has supplied EcoProcura with organic flour milled at Witte Molen; a mill which is powered by wind energy.

De Versfabriek has supplied EcoProcura with oyster mushrooms. De Versfabriek collects coffee dregs from care institutions and catering establishments across Nijmegen and use it to make fertiliser, in which they grow mushrooms.

Making EcoProcura a sustainable event