Breakout Session 1


Measuring the effect of SPP

The RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment) has recently published a report on measuring the impact of SPP. This will be presented and a discussion will follow including its meaning for adapting SPP policies.

Participants of this session will:

  • Learn possible ways to do successful effect monitoring of SPP 

  • Be inspired to pursue this within their own organization or country

Sustainable public procurement (SPP) holds great promise as an instrument to help bring about a circular economy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a more socially inclusive labor market. Ambitions for SPP are high, both on a local and national scale. Monitoring whether we are actually achieving any effects however, proves more challenging. Only if we can show results, can SPP mature into an integral part of regular procurement.

Session Description 



Michiel Zijp, Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment, Netherlands (Facilitator)

Cuno van Geet, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands (Facilitator)

Bettina Schaefer, Ecoinstitut SCCL

Reinier Guijt, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands