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To see the full list of Market Lounge tables which were available on 4 October, 11:10-12:50, see below

Monitoring compliance with SPP criteria during the performance of the cleaning service contracts based on framework agreement

Table host: María José Sarrias, Government of Catalonia
Including environmental contract clauses is important but it is only effective in service contracts if their compliance is monitored: a cleaning services example.

Horizon 2020 funding for Innovation Procurements

Table host: Lieve Bos, European Commission
Find out how to access the 250m euro of EU funding for innovation procurements that is expected in 2019 and 2020 from the Horizon 2020 programme.

Political leadership and early market consultations: key success factors in Madrid City Innovation procurement

Table host: Diego Moñux Chércoles, Science & Innovation Link Office (SILO)
Madrid City Council has developed INNOCASTING, a programme that allows companies to present innovative ideas on how to solve some of the problems of the city: find out how this is being used for procurement solutions.

Social clauses in Public Procurements in Wallonia

Table host: Pierre Goffart, Public Service of Wallonia
Wallonia has developed tools for social criteria in public procurements: join this table to explore how this has led to the development of over 220 trainees and other social outcomes.

Consolidation as a way of achieving zero-emission transportation of goods

Table host: Simon Clement, ICLEI
Learn about the work carried out by Copenhagen in the Horizon 2020 BuyZET project to minimize the number, distance and disruptiveness of motorized vehicle trips within the city through consolidation, and join the discussion on how to overcome barriers and exploit opportunities.

Urban Agenda for Innovative Public Procurement

Table host: Valentina Schippers-Opejko, City of Haarlem
Join us to discuss the 7 Action Implementation Plans for innovation procurement and how your public authority could get involved!

Sustainable Procurement taking a life cycle approach: Construction materials best practice

Table host: Léon Dijk, City of Rotterdam
Credits awarded for Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are one of the most effective ways to evaluate how a product or service will impact the environment from cradle-to-grave: find out how Rotterdam is applying this to procurement. 

Build a better world by asking better questions: Lessons from circular procurement practice

Table host: Godard Croon, Copper8
Copper8 are constantly looking for ways of getting optimal circular results and would love to send you home with the inspiration and knowledge to initiate your own circular procurement projects!

Social criteria in IT supply chains: Approaches from Germany

Table host: Franziska Singer, Sustainability Training 
Improving working conditions in the supply chain of IT-products through social criteria is an ongoing challenge: approaches and first results from German authorities will be presented and discussed.

Walk the talk...our value proposition! 

Table host: Hady Agina, World Bank Group
Join this table to apply the World Bank approach to aligning procurement objectives to organisational goals in a practical way to add value.

Energizing procurement: Informed energy planning for smart energy infrastructure procurement

Table host: Carsten Rothballer, ICLEI Europe
Discover the Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) and leave the round table with case-specific information and an improved skill set for analysing energy systems.

Itaipu: generating energy and development

Table host: Luis Morinigo Veiluva, Itaipu Binacional
Itaipu is the largest generator of clean and renewable energy in the planet. Find out how our Sustainable Procurement and Supplier Development Programmes are promoting sustainable development and regional integration in Paraguay and Brazil.

Sustainability Compass – How to successfully integrate sustainability criteria into your tendering process

Table host: Max Mangold, GIZ & Ann-Kathrin Voge and Felicitas Schuldes, Engagement Global
The digital platform Sustainability Compass supports practitioners who want to integrate sustainability criteria into tender documents. Learn how features like the Sustainability Standards Comparison Tool (SSCT), the best practice map and others can assist you during a tendering process.

Assuring the quality of sustainable concrete in construction

Table host: Boudewijn Piscaer, Pantheon Performance Foundation

After the Genoa viaduct disaster, an urgent call to combine Sustainability with Durability by empowering the customer with performance based tools, organized by a Public Private Platform.

Public procurement of innovation for circular economy

Table host: Teresa Guerrero, Waste Agency of Catalonia
Applying innovation in public procurement to promote innovative pilot projects in the separate collection of municipal waste as a way to contribute to the circular economy.

Procurement of next level energy efficient lighting systems in the public and private service sector

Table host: Georg Trnka, Austrian Energy Agency & Sebastian Schwarz, CO2 Online
Support your procurement of lighting solutions by analysing criteria, and applying the use of a database on lighting products and a life cycle cost assessment tool.

Procurement of next level energy efficient lighting systems in the public and private service sector

Table host: Alfred Schuch, Austrian Energy Agency
Support your procurement of lighting solutions by analysing criteria, and applying the use of a database on lighting products and a life cycle cost assessment tool. 

Performance-based procurement to implement SPP: An example from Western Cape Province (South Africa)

Table host: Liesbeth Casier, International Institute for Sustainable Development
A showcase of the replicable approach of  Western Cape in South Africa to mainstreaming SPP through the introduction of performance-based, innovative public procurement. 

Infrastructural innovations from nature

Table host: Antoine Giezen, Rijkswaterstaat
How to make use of the circularity and nature (biomass) for infrastructural elements / products.

Working with suppliers to enhance skills provision and workplace diversity in the supply chain

Table host: Tim Rudin, Greater London Authority Group
GLA’s Supplier Development Programme has, through the procurement process, created significant social and economic outcomes in London: lessons learnt and useful tips are provided for organisations looking to create a similar programme.

Green Public Food Procurement in Vienna: status quo and perspectives

Table host: Dr Bernhard Kromp, Organic Research Austria
Discover how obligatory "Ecobuy" criteria checklists, organic quotas and other measures are creating greener, healthier and more ethical food plates in Vienna.  

How to support long term changes by using public procurement

Table host: Paula Trindade, LNEG - National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (Portugal)
Uncover how a toolbox can link GPP, SPP and PPI, allowing flexibility in terms of goals and strategy, yet promoting an increasing complexity of institutionalized practices and skills. 

Circular IT hardware: when is the customer king?

Table host: Klaas van der Sterren, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat
A community is growing in which public and private procurers are joining up to demand more circular solutions to IT hardware: will you join the community?

Sustainability in Cloud-Service Procurements

Table host: Nancy Gillis, Green Electronics Council
This session will explain the ASU/GEC initiative, share what sustainability data procurement teams should elicit from Cloud-Service providers, and how to use that data for accounting for sustainability gains for their organization.

Lessons Learned: Common Sustainable Purchasing Policy Pitfalls & SPLC’s Model Policy

Table host: Sam Hummel, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Drawing from the experiences of its members, SPLC has developed a model policy template and handbook to help organisations win institutional commitment to run truly strategic sustainable purchasing programmes.

Responsible Food in the city of Salo – From strategy to plate

Table host: Päivi Kohvakka, City of Salo

The City of Salo’s strategy emphasises responsible procurement of food. Discuss how they have put this into practice and explore the Guide for Responsible Procurement of Food.

Quantifying the benefits of sustainable procurement decisions

Table host: Juhani Järveläinen, City of Lahti
Learn more about the innovation partnership between municipalities, local companies and universities used in Lahti, Finland as an example of weighing the potential benefits of alternative sustainable procurement options.

Policy to Practice: Biogas use in transportation

Table host: Pirkko Melville, City of Jyväskylä
The City of Jyväskylä has compiled an effective policy the results of which are already starting to show in the number of vehicles using biogas.

Please Copy! New Policy for Ecolabelled Procurement in the City of Copenhagen

Table host: Thomas A. Christensen, City of Copenhagen
The City of Copenhagen has enacted a new policy that requires administrations to aim for products with ecolabels in all relevant procurement: find out more and how your city could do the same. 

Sustainable Public Procurement - What is the legal risk?

Table host: Laura Broomfield, PhD Researcher, Nottingham University 
Participants in this market lounge table are invited to discuss the risks they thought they would meet, along with any issues they encountered when putting in place contracts with a sustainable focus.  This discussion will provide the basis of wider research to be carried out at a later stage.